All prescription medications that leave the facility are non-returnable and non-refundable.

For liability reasons, in order for us to see your patient, the patient must have a current Rabies vaccine on file, either from us or documentation from elsewhere. If we do not have proof of a current Rabies vaccine at the time of appointment we will require that it be updated during this time.

Why Pet Owners Should Consider Animal Laser Therapy in Burbank

With self-driving cars and robotic limbs and artificial intelligence, it’s easy to feel like we’re living in the future these days. We don’t have to settle for outdated or old school medical care anymore, and neither should our pets. There are advanced diagnostic imaging tools, vaccinations for diseases that animals used to routinely die from, and improvements in anesthesia that make surgeries so much safer for our furry friends. One of the newer treatments that Burbank pet owners should consider is animal laser therapy. Used in both post-operative care as well as chronic disease management, this nifty tool really is medicine of the future. Here are a few great reasons to opt for it over other medical options.

Avoid the Pharmaceutical Side Effects

Whether your pet is recovering from a surgery or simply living with a painful chronic illness, many veterinarians will suggest treatments to help alleviate their suffering. The downside to too many medication-based treatments is the side effects that come with them. If you’ve ever taken pain meds to recover after an appendectomy or a wisdom teeth removal, you know that they can be fairly harsh on your system. Though they may not be the exact same drugs with the exact same side effects, pharmaceuticals may not mesh well with your pet either. Laser therapy is a non-drug option to help alleviate pain and get your pet back on their feet. Your Burbank veterinarian may suggest a combination of laser therapy and low doses of traditional medications as a holistic approach to the problem.

You can take a less aggressive approach in your pet's pain management

Avoid Surgical Solutions

Even better than avoiding pharmaceuticals is avoiding surgery in the first place. If your pet suffers from osteoarthritis or other painful musculoskeletal conditions, your veterinarian may have discussed surgical answers to the problem with you. Setting aside your fears of these procedures for your pet, they may simply be unnecessary. Try looking for a veterinary clinic with animal laser therapy treatments for a second opinion. The worst that happens is your pet gets a soothing session and the best is avoiding putting them under the knife.

If you have any questions about animal laser therapy options in Burbank, feel free to reach out to us at Sweet Home Veterinary Hospital & In-Home Services.