All prescription medications that leave the facility are non-returnable and non-refundable.

For liability reasons, in order for us to see your patient, the patient must have a current Rabies vaccine on file, either from us or documentation from elsewhere. If we do not have proof of a current Rabies vaccine at the time of appointment we will require that it be updated during this time.

Pet Vaccinations Burbank

Letting a pet go unvaccinated for too long can be a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the dangers of unvaccinated pets firsthand in our clinic. It’s easy to forget just how debilitating and dangerous these diseases are if you haven’t had to worry about them in the past. As pet owners in the community take their companion’s vaccine schedule a little less seriously, their risk of having a pet catch a life-threatening illness increases steadily. For owners of a little fluff-ball of a kitten or puppy, vaccinations can sometimes take the backseat. Unfortunately, this is the time in their life when they’re most at-risk of fatal repercussions of diseases like parvovirus. It’s important to get them started on their vaccinations at the right time, and to make sure they’re not being unnecessarily exposed to risky environments. 

If you are looking for a place to get affordable core and lifestyle pet vaccinations near Burbank, Sweet Home Veterinary Hospital is the place for you. Dr. Alex Swope along with her team will provide you and your furry friend with the highest quality care you can find. The staff of Sweet Home are experienced with caring for a wide variety of animal companions, including dogs, cats, and many hobby farm animals. 

Pet Vaccinations Near Burbank

When searching for a place that provides pet vaccinations near Burbank, you do not have to look any further than Sweet Home Veterinary Hospital. We offer not core and lifestyle vaccinations for pets that are based around their specific needs. We also provide spay and neuter procedures, wellness exams, dental care, and even laser therapy to help pets live happier, healthier lives. We provide in-home euthanasia, orthopedic services and senior pet care for those companions in their golden years. Quality care for your pet just got even better.

We pride ourselves on our convenient hours for pet owners. The facility is open Monday and Tuesday from 8am to 5pm, closed on Wednesday, open Thursday to Saturday 8am to 5pm, and Sunday 8am to 2pm. With weekend hours, we know we’re able to provide care to more pets and animals in our community. When your beloved pet needs care, including those ever important vaccination, you can always call on Dr. Swope and the staff at Sweet Home.

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